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Our simple solution offers powerful results


The future of visitor management

Simple, powerful, accessible

Fast and easy to
implement with any entry system

It doesn’t matter if you are an office building of 5 employees or a community of over 1000 homes, we make visitor management fast and easy to implement.

Simple to use

There are no apps or downloads to your mobile phone. All you need is your mobile phone to scan a QR code and receive messages.

Know who gets access

We take the stranger out of visitor access. There won’t be unknown visitors calling you and 12 other people at 2am. In fact, we can block them.

Why we're different

Powerful features that enhance your existing entry system

Works on top of any
access control system

You don’t need to change out your existing access control or telephone entry. We work on top of  your existing resident entry system to expedite visitor entry.

Upgrade your telephone
entry system

Your visitors are holding the most sophisticated, up-to-date equipment in the palm of their hand. We upgrade your existing telephone system without the pricy installation and help make it more efficient and secure.

Gives you complete control
through your mobile phone

Communication, security verification, and account information can all be managed through your mobile.

Bluetooth mobile access

Bluetooth mobile access that was once only available to residents is now available for visitors.

Secure with two-factor authentication

We utilize two-factor authentication as one of the ways to confirm the identity of the visitor.

Reliable cellular hardware

Our hardware is designed with cellular connectivity. Your visitor access is on its own protected system.

A better experience for everyone

Property managers

Property Managers now have a way to communicate with visitors, and not just homeowners. They can send them notices, traffic closures, and general announcements.


Homeowners are able to manage their visitors list online, set up their own preferences, and track access. VisitorManager sends email and text messages to their authorized visitors, and keeps the homeowner updated along the way.


Streamline access and let gate guards focus on security and service. Increase rapport between guards and residents once the friction of visitor access has been reduced.


Happy visitors mean happy residents, making life easier for management and staff. VisitorManager helps ensure only the right visitors enter which increases safety and lowers liability.

The only visitor management platform that works with your existing hardware

VisitorManager™ enhances any telephone
entry or access control system

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