Your visitor experience starts here

Add VisitorManager™ to your entry system


Your visitor experience starts here

Add VisitorManager™ to your entry system


Upgrade your visitor entry system

VisitorManager™ is a web-based visitor management platform that integrates with your existing access control to expedite visitor entry and increase your community’s security with innovative technology.

Fast and easy to implement with any entry system

Simple to use - No app stores or downloads

Know who is coming into your community

Powerful access,
simple to use

Stop letting strangers into your community

Only allow approved visitors expedited access into your community.

Works on top of any
access control system

You don’t need to change out your existing access control or telephone entry. We work on top of  your existing resident entry system to expedite visitor entry.

Upgrade your telephone entry system

Your visitors are holding the most sophisticated, up-to-date equipment in the palm of their hand. We upgrade your existing telephone system without the pricy installation and help make it more efficient and secure.

Connectivity through your phone

Residents and visitors get access to information, updates, and alerts directly to their mobile phone. There are no more strangers getting access to your community when any communication gets paired with the visitor’s mobile number.

For the first time, property
managers have access to visitors

In today’s world, everyone has a mobile phone, and now Property Managers have a tool to communicate directly with visitors to ensure the safety of the community. They can send them notices, traffic closures, and general announcements.

The day of not truly knowing who gets access is behind us. There is no more sharing of pins or unauthorized access. Our system verifies the visitor’s information before the gate opens. It’s a simple process to verify the visitor’s identity, and makes for a quick process to get through the gate. Our system is your tool to efficiently get authorized visitors’ access.

At lightning speed, Visitors get invited to the VM system after a Resident signs them up as a permanent guest for the first time. They keep their profile updated. If they forget to update their account, they will be prompted when they scan the QR code at the gate. After they sign any required documentation or notices, the visitor will quickly be granted access.

Any first responder will be able to gain quick entry – and the property managers can know about it – no more surprises.

Welcome messages can instruct visitors on where to go to enter the community, aiding traffic flow and visitor-resident relations. Additionally, the community can require every visitor sign off on community rules & speed limit. If there is a gate that is closed for maintenance or repairs Property Managers can notify visitors.

The only visitor management platform that works with your existing hardware

Fast, easy mobile access

VisitorManager™ enhances any telephone entry or access control system

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